When you go to a dinner party, there is always one guest that has a great story to tell. They draw you in with their sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat tale, and it is so good that when you leave this dinner party, you can hardly wait to re-tell that story to someone else.

At Go Girl Communications, we believe two things are true:

1. We all have a sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat story to tell.
2. It’s not only people that have these stories; it’s businesses.

We are a storytelling agency–a company that helps people and brands discover their own unique and amazing story and find innovative ways to share that story with others. And while that means we certainly do a lot of writing (check out our services if you want to get specific on what we do), our real goal is to create a world of storytellers.

We are not only creating great content and content strategies for our clients, but we’re helping them become their own best storytellers–using their storytelling power to drive innovation and growth for their companies.

What’s your story?


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A 50-minute one-on-one meeting to help you discover your story and create a plan for telling your story in a way that drives growth and innovation for your business.

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