Why Your Brand Story Matters


I’ve always been a lover of stories.  I was the kid in your first-grade class that had to be reminded to leave the story rug because story time was over.  I was the girl in middle school who got overly excited about having a locker located close to the library.  And, during college, I was the party guest who always had a story to share–and was always eager to hear stories from others.

11150523_10152868777316156_6288803728230263057_nStorytelling is a beautiful little thread that seems to have been woven throughout my entire life and it probably isn’t a big surprise to anyone that I continue to be a creator and teller of stories even as an adult. Here I am actually on the stage of the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago telling my very own story as part of the cast of Listen To Your Mother Chicago 2015 (if you’re interested, you can actually click here to listen to the story).


Storytelling isn’t just about entertaining others or relaying personal information–storytelling is a powerful tool that can help your business drive innovation and growth.

Yes, drive innovation and growth.

Just look at the most popular social media tools businesses are using today: Instagram and Snapchat.  Both of these platforms have “story” features and while brand leaders are spending a lot of time deciding whether they should be using the tools, I would argue they should really spend more time figuring out what they’re going to say.  What is your brand story?  Without the actual story, the tools you use to distribute your content–whether through social media, your website or even sales and marketing materials–are pretty much meaningless.

The brand story has become a vital part of the business strategy and is why we spend so much time with our clients helping them discover their story even before we begin work on how to articulate that story to others.  I loved this quote from a recent blog I was reading: “In the endless sea of messages we see in front of us on a daily basis, it pays to focus on getting your company’s story right so people actually sit up and take notice.”

So, what’s your story?  We have a new FREE email series starting next week that can help you create your own “badass brand story.” In just 5 days, on your own time (we estimate it will take you 15-minutes or less to complete each day’s task), you can begin to put together the story of your brand–the WHY behind your WHAT.  And, at the end of your 5 days, you will have a story to tell…a badass story to tell!

Can’t wait until next week?  As a reader of our blog, you can click here and get started right away.  You can also follow the #BadassBrandStory hashtag to connect with others who are using their stories to build their brands.


Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash




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