What We All Can Learn From Fashion Week

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net/ sattva

image courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net/ sattva

We are in the home stretch of this year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and while your brand may not be in the clothing industry, paying attention to what is happening on and behind the runways could give your brand an edge when it comes to marketing to women/moms.

Some things you can learn from Fashion Week:

Make it Exclusive
Not just anyone off the street can walk into a fashion show—especially shows for top designers.  So, when you do get your invite to the front row, you tend to feel a certain loyalty to the brand that got you there.  And, the buzz that comes with exclusivity is priceless.   What if you could do that with your company?  Host an exclusive event—such as an evening of after-hours shopping where a specific number of people get to come in and see (and buy!) products before anyone else.  If you don’t have a brick and mortar business, you can still create an exclusive “vibe” by giving fans an inside look at your business—a behind-the-scenes moment only shared with Facebook or via an e-newsletter.

Collaboration is Key
Designers collaborate with brands, brands collaborate with media…it’s all one big collaboration fest during NYC Fashion Week.  And, it’s a smart way to do business because the perfect collaboration can increase your audience, therefore, increasing your potential client base.  With whom can you collaborate?  A dry cleaner can collaborate with a local daycare—offering drop off/pick up service for rushed parents.  A local restaurant may want to reach out to the tutoring company down the street—giving them healthy, fresh snacks to share with their after school students in exchange for promoting the restaurant’s family-friendly offerings.

Create an Experience
Fashion Week isn’t just about the clothing, the people or even the venues—it’s about the overall experience.  From the invites and atmosphere to the conversations and gift bags, every little detail counts towards making someone feel they are a part of something special.  While your brand may not have the glam of the fashion world, you can certainly give customers an experience.  How does your physical space make people feel when they enter your store?  Does your website allow users to easily find the information they need enhanced by information they want?  Are you using social media to surprise and delight your customers in unexpected ways?  For example, if someone sends a tweet about how tired they are of winter, a local florist could respond by tweeting a picture of flowers and encouraging them to stop in and enjoy a taste of spring inside their shop.

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