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On This Day of Love….The Break Up

On this day of love, we wanted to remind you how important it is for brands to truly LOVE their customers and what can happen when we stop listening to what our partners (aka customers) need. Enjoy this oldie but goodie from our marketing to women archives:

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Chanel + Brad Pitt = Marketing Success or Failure?

There really isn’t much we dislike about watching Brad Pitt on screen–let’s face it, he’s easy on the eyes.  Yet, his latest performance in a spot for the iconic Chanel No. 5 (print ads will soon follow) has us scratching our marketing heads.  We are a split camp here at Go Girl Communications–some of us […]

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Why Women Break Up With Advertisers (Video)

Already tired of political rhetoric and ads?  Apparently women are.  A recent study from our friends at SheSpeaks found that “today’s money-infused, advertising heavy political process is turning off the very female voters it’s trying to convince.” One survey respondent stated, “…I hope when people vote, they are informed and not influenced by all the […]

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Remembering Steve Jobs…

There are numerous quotes, videos and stories regarding Steve Jobs floating around Twitter and Facebook today…and appropriately so.  It is hard to find someone who has put such a ‘ding in the universe’ and the fact that many people learned of his passing by using a product he helped create is an amazing testament to […]

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