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BlogHer13: 3 Things I Learned About Bloggers

I sit on both sides of the blogging fence.  I have my own blog (clearly, since this is an actual post) where I write about the marketing to women and mom space.  But, I also have a consulting company that helps startups and small businesses with overall marketing to women/mom strategies including social media and […]

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Q&A: How Do I Become Known As An Expert In My Field?

Q:  I have watched my competitors appear on local TV shows or interviewed for articles.  How does that happen– how do you become known as an expert in your industry? A:  Smart move–becoming known as an expert in your field showcases what you know and let’s people see you as someone who isn’t just trying […]

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The Campaign Heard Around the Office

By Guest Blogger Lindsey Carnett, Marketing Maven Public Relations, Inc. StateFarm is a good neighbor, Rice-A-Roni is a San Francisco Treat and Folgers is apparently the best part of waking up. What do these three jingles have in common? They appeal to our worsening attention-spans and embed themselves in our memories. Like war tactics, getting […]

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Does Your Business Have “PR” Credibility?

By Guest Blogger Jenny Finke, Red Jeweled Media Trust is the one thing many businesses want but few businesses have. Can customers trust you to stay in business for the long haul in the wake of dot-com busts and corporate scandals?  Can customers trust that you’ll honor your product warranty? Can customers trust that you’ll […]

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Building Media Relationships: The Seek or Shout Story

Happy Valentine’s Day!  During this day of love, we can’t help but think about all the great relationships we have in our lives–personal, professional, romantic…media.  Yes, media–if you are brand working on a great PR strategy, one of the key relationships in your life should be your media contacts. When we talk about ‘earned media’ […]

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