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Is It Possible To Market To Dads While Continuing To Market To Moms?

Q: “Is it possible to market to dads while continuing to market to moms?” A: For years, our marketing-to-mom efforts would give an annual nod to Dad–usually in the month of June.  However, times have changed and so has the role Dad plays in the overall dynamics of his family. We don’t want you tear up […]

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Poll: Did P&G Win Olympic Gold?

P&G’s ‘Thank You, Mom” campaign caused quite a discussion lately.  In some social media networks, marketing experts were disappointed that the brand failed to expand this initiative and connect socially with ‘real moms’ while others felt the campaign was nothing short of a solid gold marketing to mom performance. Personally, we love the “Thank You, […]

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Happy Hallow….I mean, Happy Holidays!

It’s official–the holiday advertising season has started.  In addition to seeing aisles of Halloween candy transition into shiny boxes of holiday lights and stocking stuffers, we are also starting to see our first glimpse of holiday commercials.  To help get us in the holiday mood, here is one of our favorite spots from last year–courtesy […]

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Why Dad is Part of the Marketing-to-Mom Equation

Numerous brands include dad as part of their overall marketing to mom messaging — even beyond the traditional ‘Month-of-Dad’,  June. The latest successful marketing-to-dad efforts come from Chrysler Town & Country’s “The Quiet Ones” and Google Chrome’s “Dear Sophie.” Both campaigns are great examples of what works well when it comes to marketing to dads […]

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A Mini Van Marketed to Dads Wins with Moms Too

As we celebrate Dad this weekend, we thought it would be the perfect time to share the latest Chrysler Town & Country commercial.  A mini van marketed to Dad?  Awesome.

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The Dad Factor

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to add a little testosterone to our marketing to mom insight.  Experts agree that today’s Dad plays a more active role in parenting and in making family purchasing decisions.  But, before you ditch your entire marketing to moms strategy to just focus on Dad, keep in […]

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