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Tuesday Tip: Drive People Back to Your Social Platforms

Newsflash: social media is not a strategy in and of itself. In order to truly grow engagement on your platforms and make social work for your brand, you need to use other marketing channels and initiatives to help drive people back to your social networks. Today’s Tuesday Tip shows you how.

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Tuesday Tip: The 3 Things You Should Really Be Focused On This Holiday Season

Still working on your holiday content plans? This is the week to get it done so you can take full advantage of the holiday season that (at least in our eyes) begins on Thanksgiving Day.  Today’s Tuesday Tip gives you the three things you should really be focused on when it comes to planning your holiday […]

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Tuesday Tip: Yes, You Have Competition

Just because no one is doing exactly what you are doing or offering a product exactly like your product, you still have competition and today’s Tuesday Tip tells you why that’s a good thing.

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Tuesday Tip: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

I am a big fan of repurposing your content.  As I mention in the video, every single time you create a piece of content you should be thinking of ways you can repurpose it.  This will save you time, help you expand your audience, and is good for your SEO.  So, today’s Facebook Live Tuesday Tip […]

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Content Marketing vs. Influencer Marketing

Over the weekend I read this great article in Forbes about why content is still king when it comes to influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is all the rage and I agree it works well with many campaigns and strategies; however, it is no replacement for content marketing. In fact, if your messaging is strong, your […]

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Inspired by a Hashtag

When we say the word hashtag, do you immediately think of this video? We can all agree that hashtags can go from creative and useful to #TooMuchIsAGoodThing in #ZerotoSixtySeconds. We have watched brands use daily tags such as #MotivationMonday or #ThrowbackThursday with great ease, but the brands that really impress us are those who create […]

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How to Respond to Reviews

Think no one is looking at how you respond to negative reviews? Think again. According to G2 Crowd, negative reviews (those with 1 or 2 stars) on your site get 200% to 300% more clicks than positive reviews. Positive or negative, responding to reviews allows customers (or potential customers) to feel valued and heard–and, allows […]

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Why Your Brand Story Matters

I’ve always been a lover of stories.  I was the kid in your first-grade class that had to be reminded to leave the story rug because story time was over.  I was the girl in middle school who got overly excited about having a locker located close to the library.  And, during college, I was […]

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Fitbit is Ramping up Content Marketing–and Your Brand Should Be Too!

According to a recent article in Fast Company, Fitbit is ramping up its content marketing efforts. “The first phase was addressing the hardware side of the business, product development, product marketing and the last six months for me has been very much focused on how we can drive engagement once we bring people into the […]

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Using Images as Content

As a society, we’re very visual. We’re drawn to images and pictures, and it’s those things that tend to attract our attention and make us want to learn more. That’s why using images can take your content to the next level. Images can increase both engagement with and traffic to your content because customers are […]

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