Super Bowl Ad Messaging You Can Use

Anticipation for the big game was far more exciting than the event itself–not only for the game, but for the commercials.  We always like to do a round up of our favorites, but quite frankly, this year we are struggling to find which ones really worked–especially when it came to connecting with women and moms.  So, we are taking a little different spin this year and looking at some the bigger over-arching themes that we witnessed and why these work when it comes to crafting your own marketing to women/mom messaging:

Nostalgia Rules
We saw it with several different brands including Radio Shack and Oikos Greek Yogurt and even with Chrysler in using Bob Dylan in their “Things Have Changed” spot.  Nostalgia is a great storyteller, but you need to make sure it is used in a way that stays true to your brand.  We especially loved how this messaging was used with Radio Shack’s “The Phone Call”–it was a great way for the brand to poke fun at its biggest weakness and show its target demographic how it has evolved in the ever-changing tech space.

Dads Are Parents Too
Dads played a more prominent role this year in spots for brands such as Cheerios and Hyundai.  In both cases, Dad is shown as a capable and caring parent–proving once again that some of the best marketing to mom moments may not have Mom be the star.

Tell a Great Life Story
Always, always, always tell a great story–but, this year, we saw something a little different.  Instead of telling a brand story, we saw brands tell life stories–those moments that everyone can connect with such as a soldier coming home or even the love between a puppy and a horse.  In both of those cases, the brand was Budweiser.  While we never see an actual beer in either spot, we do get a sense of the brand’s own story–it’s own legacy–and how that relates to our own lives.  Will these spots sell more beer?  Only time will tell.

What commercials did you enjoy (or not enjoy) during last night’s Super Bowl?

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