Content Marketing vs. Influencer Marketing

Over the weekend I read this great article in Forbes about why content is still king when it comes to influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is all the rage and I agree it works well with many campaigns and strategies; however, it is no replacement for content marketing. In fact, if your messaging is strong, your influencer campaign will be that much more successful.

“To put simply, content marketing is the content your company creates and distributes to the right people at the right time. Influencer marketing is driven largely by external partners.”

Here is a great infographic from Influence and Co. that compares content marketing to influencer marketing:Content Marketing vs Influencer Marketing

Those who are successful with influencer marketing have more than likely invested in content marketing first. “They didn’t use influencer marketing instead of content marketing; they built a foundation of content first and amplified it with influencer marketing,” writes Alyssa Patzius.

Time to get that content strategy in place!  Shoot me an email and let’s get started.


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5 Myths about Millennials and Direct Mail (infographic)

We’ll admit that we’ve seen a decline in direct mail as a communication channel; however, with digital channels on the increase, direct mail–and other print marketing–may be on the upswing–especially with millennials.  Yes, millennials.  Before you ditch all of our print marketing options, check out this infographic from US Presort.



Direct Mail and Millennials

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Marketing to Mom: September Content Ideas


Ahh…September. Kids are back at school, the air is getting a little less humid and brands are beginning to kick things in high gear as we head toward the end of the year.

While our minds are racing to the holidays, September is actually the perfect time to connect with moms–it is that beautiful moment of time between back-to-school chaos and holiday madness, allowing your brand to connect with Mom in more meaningful ways.

Here are 3 content ideas you may want to try:

Labor Day

Lots of businesses take a much-deserved break over the Labor Day holiday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a resource for moms. In addition to letting moms know you will be closed, provide them with other things to do—send links to local festivals or events in an e-newsletter, write a blog post with tips for relaxing and/or family activities, or launch an Instagram campaign with a customized hashtag moms can use to share their “day off” images with you (we’re thinking #GoGirlsDayOff).

Call to Action: Reinforce your hours—encouraging moms to come see you later in the week. Perhaps offer a discount if they share their photo using your hashtag!


Get Ready for Football

Although many teams start playing in late August, September is the unofficial start of the fall football season. You don’t have to have a sporting goods store or bar to connect with football players, fans and their moms.  The bottom line with football content is to find a story behind the games—look at unique ways to connect your brand with schools, players and even coaches. Support local teams by promoting their schedules and even doing an FB live from the local game (bonus if you can interview moms in the stands!).  This is also a great time for creative marketing to mom content as moms of players big and small are looking for tips on everything from safety to pre-game snacks to keeping white pants free of grass stains ((also works during baseball season).

Call to Action: Invite customers to visit your website for more information on the topic and encourage them to leave their tips or good wishes for the season.


First Day of Fall

You really can’t help but fall in love with fall—the beauty of the season is content in and of itself. Which is exactly the inspiration behind this idea. Create a social media contest asking followers to share their best fall photo using a customized hashtag you’ve created (#FallingForGoGirl). Each day, share one of the photos via your own networks—tagging the winner and giving them some type of prize (please do not let it be pumpkin-infused anything!). Bonus: Make this a “kid-only” promotion–encouraging moms to share their best kid-focused photo.

Call to Action: Get more followers via social media. When you post the photo and tag the person who shared it, you are going to get connected to new people who may not even know about your brand.


Want help with creating and implementing even more great September content ideas?  Click here to download our September content calendar.


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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Traditional Media Still Influences Moms

We already know that today’s moms are digital and mobile savvy, but a new study from SCG Advertising + Public Relations shows that they are also influenced by traditional media.

Seventy-eight percent say social media is the most influential media form when they consider purchasing goods/services, but almost the same number say traditional media is still influential. See the infographic below for more details on how moms are consuming media.

“To effectively connect and engage with them, brands need to embrace multiple media forms – both digital and traditional – and demonstrate a commitment to causes and concerns near-and-dear to moms’ hearts. Connecting with the mom market requires a multi-level approach, leveraging paid, earned, shared and owned media,” said Michael Cherenson, SCG executive vice president.

SCG Moms Survey Infographic 2017

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Inspired by a Hashtag

When we say the word hashtag, do you immediately think of this video?

We can all agree that hashtags can go from creative and useful to #TooMuchIsAGoodThing in #ZerotoSixtySeconds.

We have watched brands use daily tags such as #MotivationMonday or #ThrowbackThursday with great ease, but the brands that really impress us are those who create a campaign and claim a hashtag of their very own. We’re talking to you #AlwaysCocaColaExpedia. Here are 3 hashtag campaigns we love and what your brand can learn from their success:


Always: #LikeAGirl

This brand changed the definition of the phrase “like a girl” and created a hashtag that became synonymous with strength and perseverance.

Why it worked: The brand built a hashtag around beliefs they shared with their customers, creating a message that not only resonated with women but prompted them to want to support it. What shared beliefs do you have with your customers?

#IdeaThatMightWork: #TrophyWife to promote women who are accomplishing great things in business, sports, politics, etc. or #InvestinHer could be used by a financial company looking to market to female entrepreneurs.


Coca-Cola: #ShareACoke


When Coca-Cola introduced bottles with names and titles on them (come on, admit it, you’ve looked for your name once or twice), they also launched a user-generated content campaign via social media that is probably one of the best case studies of hashtag success.

Why it worked: Two things: it was personal and it had a community feel.  That’s not easy to do when you are a big brand like Coca-Cola, but it’s easier to do when you are a smaller brand on Main Street USA.  How can you encourage people to connect via your brand?

#IdeaThatMightWork: #FromOurFrontWindow would be a fun hashtag for local brick & mortar–share pics from the front window of your store and encourage others to share pictures from their own front windows.


Expedia: #ThrowMeBack


Piggybacking off the success of #TBT, Expedia tweaked it a bit to get people to share things that were relevant to their brand (traveling) for a chance to win a vacation.

Why it worked: They took advantage of an already popular hashtag theme and just tweaked it for their brand–great way to tap into a social audience that is already engaged. Can you do the same for #MotivationMonday, #WomanCrushWednesday, #FridayFlashback, etc.?

#IdeaThatMightWork: #WomenatWork (piggyback off #WomanCrushWednesday) showcases women at work.  The perfect hashtag for office supply companies, coworking spaces, networking groups, etc.  Or, if you’re feeling a bit cynical, do #UnMotivatedMonday and see what pearls of wisdom people share (one of our favorites: “I can but I won’t”).


Let’s see what inspiration hits you! Share with us in the comments or, better yet, try it out via social media using our hashtag #InspiredByTheHashtag

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How to Respond to Reviews

Think no one is looking at how you respond to negative reviews? Think again. According to G2 Crowd, negative reviews (those with 1 or 2 stars) on your site get 200% to 300% more clicks than positive reviews.

Positive or negative, responding to reviews allows customers (or potential customers) to feel valued and heard–and, allows you as a brand to share your story and offer new insights into products, services, and customer care. Check out this great infographic on how to respond to your next review.




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Why Your Brand Story Matters


I’ve always been a lover of stories.  I was the kid in your first-grade class that had to be reminded to leave the story rug because story time was over.  I was the girl in middle school who got overly excited about having a locker located close to the library.  And, during college, I was the party guest who always had a story to share–and was always eager to hear stories from others.

11150523_10152868777316156_6288803728230263057_nStorytelling is a beautiful little thread that seems to have been woven throughout my entire life and it probably isn’t a big surprise to anyone that I continue to be a creator and teller of stories even as an adult. Here I am actually on the stage of the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago telling my very own story as part of the cast of Listen To Your Mother Chicago 2015 (if you’re interested, you can actually click here to listen to the story).


Storytelling isn’t just about entertaining others or relaying personal information–storytelling is a powerful tool that can help your business drive innovation and growth.

Yes, drive innovation and growth.

Just look at the most popular social media tools businesses are using today: Instagram and Snapchat.  Both of these platforms have “story” features and while brand leaders are spending a lot of time deciding whether they should be using the tools, I would argue they should really spend more time figuring out what they’re going to say.  What is your brand story?  Without the actual story, the tools you use to distribute your content–whether through social media, your website or even sales and marketing materials–are pretty much meaningless.

The brand story has become a vital part of the business strategy and is why we spend so much time with our clients helping them discover their story even before we begin work on how to articulate that story to others.  I loved this quote from a recent blog I was reading: “In the endless sea of messages we see in front of us on a daily basis, it pays to focus on getting your company’s story right so people actually sit up and take notice.”

So, what’s your story?  We have a new FREE email series starting next week that can help you create your own “badass brand story.” In just 5 days, on your own time (we estimate it will take you 15-minutes or less to complete each day’s task), you can begin to put together the story of your brand–the WHY behind your WHAT.  And, at the end of your 5 days, you will have a story to tell…a badass story to tell!

Can’t wait until next week?  As a reader of our blog, you can click here and get started right away.  You can also follow the #BadassBrandStory hashtag to connect with others who are using their stories to build their brands.


Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash




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We’re Hiring!


Our favorite time of the year is fast approaching–SUMMER!  While everyone loves summer for its warm temps and relaxing days, there is one other big reason why we love this season:  Interns!

Once again, the Go Girl team is looking for a Marketing Intern to join us this summer. This is a great opportunity for a college student to work in a startup environment offering numerous hands-on experiences that will help you utilize your creativity, develop new business skills, and establish new contacts. This is a flexible, part-time paid position that will begin in May 2017 to August 2017 (actual dates are flexible due to school calendars).

The official job description is below.  If you are interested, please send your resume to


Go Girl Communications–Summer Intern 2017

Go Girl Communications, a content marketing company that specializes in helping change-making brands become thought leaders in their space, is looking for a Marketing Intern to join their team this summer. This position will assist in developing and implementing marketing strategies for Go Girl Communications. Responsibilities include managing our social media channels and e-mail campaigns, creating compelling content to be shared by our influencers, generating sales and marketing materials, preparing and possibly presenting presentations, tracking social media analytics, and managing our client database.

The ideal candidate will have excellent verbal and written communication skills, knowledge of MS Office, a passion for marketing and social media, and a strong desire to learn. This is a part-time paid position.


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Who Do Women Trust?

Some great insight (& infographic!) from our friends at Womenkind on how women are beginning to lose trust not only in the media but in brands. Looks like we all need to work a bit harder to maintain the trust of female consumers.


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Why We’re Ready to Embrace Ambition

02TORY4-master768Next Wednesday, fashion icon Tory Burch will be launching a new campaign called “Embrace Ambition.” According to the New York Times, the campaign will feature famous people (both male and female) “reclaiming a word that has often been used to vilify women.”

In short, we love this campaign. And, by the way, we haven’t even seen it rolled out yet.

This is the perfect example of what we talk about every single day at Go Girl Communications.  When you are leading a brand to impact change in the world, you need to do more than just sell products and services, you need to start a movement.  This particular campaign not only inspires women (and men!) to make a difference, but it also gives them an opportunity to directly support a cause they can get behind: The Tory Burch Foundation.

It is well-known that Tory Burch started her fashion brand as a way to be able to fund a foundation that empowers women entrepreneurs.  All the proceeds from the sale of accompanying bracelets and T-shirts of the Embrace Ambition campaign will go toward the foundation.

Today, think about the movement you want to create with your next campaign.  Stuck? Give us a call and see what we can create together!




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