Women vs. Men on Defining a Life Well Lived (Infographic)

We love this infographic from Ketchum–it gives a great snapshot of the differences between men and women when it comes to their definition of a “life well lived”.



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The Changing Role of Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to add a little testosterone to our marketing-to-mom insight.  Experts agree that today’s Dad plays a more active role in parenting and in making family purchasing decisions, matter of fact, in a recent survey 75 percent of dads say they are more involved in raising their kids than their fathers were. Change in family dynamics also means we are seeing a change in marketing.  Gone are the days when Dad’s role in a marketing campaign was to look incompetent:

Today’s winning messaging shows a more realistic view of Dad’s involvement with the family and the household while also keeping a sharp-eye on the fact that mom is still a major household player as well.  Here are three things you can do to make sure your marketing messaging works with Dad and Mom:


Talk to Dad — this seems obvious, but it is often missed. Many marketers wrap their marketing-to-dad efforts in pure marketing-to-mom moments. While some strategies cross over (storytelling, humor, etc.), a conversation with Dad needs to resonate with, well, dads. The beauty of this campaign from Gillette is they hit those moments where Dad feels at his absolute parenting best — a win/win with both dads and moms.



Recognize Dad’s Involvement — The latest campaign from Dove Men+Care shows that dad has an active role in parenting. What we especially love about this spot is that while it shows Dad as being a parent who can get things done, it also shows the fun side of Dad–proving once and for all that dads (and moms) can still be fun while also being responsible.



Don’t Ignore Mom — Never challenge Mom’s position of authority.  Going back a few years here (2011), but we are still in love with Google Chrome’s “Dear Sophie”.  It is important for a campaign to not only connect with dad, but be something mom can feel good about and appreciate.


Your Turn:  How do you think Dad’s role has changed most?

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“For Her” for Women’s Day? Think Again.

If the Bic brand wasn’t already feeling a bit bruised by the backlash of their “For Her” product launch and campaign, they may definitely be feeling the sting now.  Innocent, a UK smoothie company, took to social media to show how their female staff members were using their International Women’s Day gifts.  With signs saying things such as “I wrote this all by myself” and “Watch out Shakespeare”, employees let the world know just how they–and pretty much every other woman on the planet–felt about the sexist pens.  See some of the images below:


The product itself was actually launched back in 2012 and catapulted into conversation when Ellen mentioned the pens during her monologue:

And now, thanks to Innocent, we are laughing at the absurdity once again.

One of my favorite moments of the viral campaign?  When a social media user (sarcastically) inquired about how she could get a “For Her” pen of her own, Innocent replied:  “You can’t buy these. Women should never be trusted with financial matters. Do you have a man with access to funds who could purchase them for you? Provided you have enough pocket money left, of course.”

Note to all brands:  get the voice of real female consumers in the room when you are considering launching a product “for women”.  It will save you time, money–and embarrassment–down the road.

Read more from this article on Huffington Post.


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Under Armour Showcases US Women’s Gymnastics

Yes, I love that Under Armour focused on the strength and dedication of Team USA Women’s Gymnastics in the latest spot for their “Rule Yourself” campaign, but what I love even more is the brand’s statement about it.

“As a company built by athletes, we truly understand an athlete’s never-ending quest to reach greatness, and we want to showcase and honor their sacrifices,” said Under Armour svp of global brand marketing Adrienne Lofton in a statement to AdWeek.  “By providing this peek behind the curtain of our athletes’ lives, we hope to inspire young athletes all over the world to push beyond their perceived limitations in order to achieve their ultimate goals. We truly believe it’s what athletes do in the dark, when no one is watching, that ultimately puts them in the spotlight they deserve.” 

Notice that not once did they mention “female” or “women”-just athletes, showing that the passion and dedication of these professionals transcends gender. Bravo.

In case you missed it, here’s the spot:

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Three Brands Celebrating International Women’s Day

As the founder of an agency focused on marketing to women and moms, I always take note of how brands embrace the interests of their female consumers.  So today, as we take time to celebrate International Women’s Day (be sure to visit the International Women’s Day site and take the #pledgeofparity), I am taking a look at three brands who are using this day of celebration as a way to promote gender equality as well as highlight the rich diversity of the female demographic.


Microsoft, “Make What’s Next”
Microsoft launched a new campaign, “Make What’s Next”, to encourage girls to enter tech fields.  The TV ad, which aired during early morning news programs, shows young girls talking about why they love science but failing to name any inventors besides men (don’t worry–a montage of female inventors is included).  “We want girls to know that there are women out there that have made amazing things in whose foot-steps they can follow,” said Kathleen Hall, corporate VP, global advertising at Microsoft.


David Jones, “Women in Conversation”
David Jones, a retail brand out of Australia, created a content series, “Women in Conversation”,  that taps into the psyche of a diverse group of Australian women. “We wanted to facilitate a forum for interesting and dynamic women to share their views and for this content to be shared to act as a catalyst for greater conversation on important topics relating to women,” said Victoria Doidge, general manager, marketing communications for David Jones. “Women in Conversation” is the first series to be released as part of a new content program ‘At the David Jones Table.’


DDB Worldwide, “Talent Has No Gender?”
In honor of International Women’s Day, DDB launched a social campaign and call-to-action that supports their commitment to promoting gender equality throughout the advertising industry. “Talent Has No Gender,” encourages everyone in its its 2,000+ employee network to change their profile pictures and abbreviate their gender-defining first names on LinkedIn to appear genderless. When people upload the new image and name, their account will post an update to the timeline of every one of their connections, encouraging others to get involved by visiting TalentHasNoGender.com. The multiplatform execution also appears on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. “Our goal is to recognize pure talent in our industry and take gender out of the equation,” said Wendy Clark, President and Chief Executive Officer of DDB North America.

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lululemon athletica Names Gina Warren, Executive Vice President, Culture & Talent

Warrenlululemon athletica inc. has announced that former Nike executive Gina Warren has been named as Executive Vice President, Culture & Talent, effective February 1, 2016. She will report to the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, Laurent Potdevin, and will lead the team that is responsible for all people practices including health and wealth, recruitment, and learning and development for all retail and support functions.

“Our people are the very core of lululemon and when they are inspired and empowered, they in turn inspire and empower their communities around the world,” said Potdevin. “I am thrilled to welcome Gina, who will work hand-in-hand with our people globally. A true visionary with an exceptional track record that speaks for itself, Gina is joining us to drive our culture and people forward, and attract and develop incredible talent as we continue to shape a workplace that most people only dream of.”

Ms. Warren led Nike’s Global Diversity & Inclusion team from 2002 to 2014. During that time she initiated inaugural Global Cultural Assessments, helped establish the Global Women’s Leadership Council, launched women’s leadership conferences and oversaw the Company’s employee resource networks. From 1999 to 2002, Ms. Warren served as director of Nike Global Community Affairs and the Nike Foundation. Prior to that she directed community relations for Levi Strauss and Co. and its foundation, and worked for AT&T and its foundation in community relations, human resources and other capacities.

“Culture is created by what people say, what they do and how they make decisions,” said Warren, “I believe that lululemon is a place of possibility, which puts people at the core. Guided by our shared values of “love” and “mindfulness”, I am excited to be taking this next step and look forward to working closely with the global team to support and enhance lululemon’s unique culture.”



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Fitbit is Ramping up Content Marketing–and Your Brand Should Be Too!


According to a recent article in Fast Company, Fitbit is ramping up its content marketing efforts. “The first phase was addressing the hardware side of the business, product development, product marketing and the last six months for me has been very much focused on how we can drive engagement once we bring people into the product,” said Fitbit’s VP of global marketing Tim Rosa in the article.

Smart move, Fitbit. Especially when it comes to engaging with their female customers.

Studies show that women not only want to get information about a brand, but they want to be educated on how it can best serve them in their day-to-day life.

Here’s how Fitbit is doing this and how your brand can do it too:


Be Relevant
Make sure the content you are creating is relevant and necessary—giving them a reason to visit your blog, open up your emails or follow you on social media. It’s getting to them “across multiple touch points and at the moments” they most want it, suggests Rosa. Think about how your customer is using your product and service right now—what information could you provide to them that would enhance the user experience?


Be Meaningful
To create meaningful content, you need to write about what you know—sharing your own experiences and knowledge in a way that showcases your brand as an expert in the field. If you are not an expert in a specific area that is meaningful to your customers, find someone who is. “We’ve built a network of ambassadors who are experts in their domain, from sleep to nutrition to fitness and yoga, so we’re tapping that network now to provide more meaningful content and that will manifest itself in a variety of ways,” says Rosa. Who can you partner with to provide more meaningful content to your customers?


Be Dynamic
Dynamic content is content that “adapts to the characteristics of the person consuming it with the goal of providing a more personalized experience for the customer” (via HubSpot Blog). This is a growing trend in content marketing with a 2013 study from Harris Interactive and Janrain finding that 74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content they see has nothing to do with their interests.

The more you find out about your customers the better able you will be to provide them with a personalized experience such as sending them e-mails with discounts for accessories that go with the jacket they just purchased or linking them to a page on your website that has information on product updates. “[Through data] we have an understanding of what your goals and interests are so we can provide you with the type of content that will be relevant and meaningful to you,” says Rosa. “If we know you have a certain product and we see your engagement has dropped off, there are certain things we can do to spark more engagement. I can’t say too much since we’re now a public company, but where we’re headed is very exciting.”  Get to know your customers and prospects–not only what they are buying from you, but what they need during each step of the buying (and post-buying) process.




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A Humorous Look at Differences between Men and Women

A little #throwbackthursday video showing exactly why women and men see the world differently–proving once again that gender differences really do affect content messaging.


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Traveling Moms


When the summer months roll around, families are busy taking trips and vacations during their time off. It should come as no surprise that moms are planning most of those family vacations and that certain things are going to really speak to them when it comes to making those decisions.


First and foremost, moms are looking for opportunities for their family to make memories, so it’s important that marketing travel to moms includes that kind atmosphere or focuses on an environment that will foster that. It’s also equally as important for mom to feel like the trip she’s planning will involve every member of the family. The younger kids and activities for them are obviously important, but so are teenagers, if not even more so. Moms want to be assured that their children—no matter the age—will feel involved and can have fun. Fun for the whole family and the idea that each member will have something to enjoy doing is what’s going to get moms interested. Making sure that each and every member of the family will have opportunities for fun is essential to marketing travel and vacations to moms.


Marketing travel and vacation spots on social media is always a plus, but remember that moms will want as much information as they can get. They’ll want to see and visualize where they’re considering going, so while a 140-character tweet or a Facebook post about a destination is accessible and quick, there needs to be more. Moms want pictures and details before settling on a hotel or somewhere to stay, so it’s important to put the most important facts and amenities in the forefront of websites and social media profiles.


It’s also worth it to recognize that while family vacations are important to moms, the rate of women traveling alone continues to increase. Through social media, women claim to feel more connected to family members and friends, and that leads to women feeling more comfortable taking trips for themselves. They are interested in fantasy and escape, but also in adventure and in new experiences. Safety is still essential to most female travelers, so group trips and tours are incredibly popular as they can give a sense of security to solo females. The more women are traveling alone, the more they are seeking out activities that are different or new to them.


When it comes to marketing travel and vacations to moms, the more details, the better. And whether traveling with family or traveling alone, women and moms seek experience for everyone involved in the trips they take.


image courtesy of flickr CC/Moyan Brenn




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Buffer vs. Hootsuite

We have gotten lots of questions lately about how to best manage your social media networks and while there are numerous tools available, two keep popping up from our clients and partners:  Buffer and Hootsuite.

So, which is best for you and your business?  We asked our friend and overall social media guru Ginny Kronsted, Owner/Engagement Marketing Strategist for GJK Associates, to give us a visual comparison between the two tools.

Buffer v Hootsuite




The verdict:  “I typically recommend Buffer to my entrepreneur and small business clients,” says Kronsted. “It is easy to use, the scheduling feature is simple and consistent.  I can set their schedule for them and all they have to do is choose “add to que” and the posts are placed appropriately.  For me, using Hootsuite to listen and engage and Buffer to schedule is the perfect combination.”

You can connect with Ginny–of course–on her social media networks:

GJK Associates Facebook
Ginny Kronsted Twitter
Ginny Kronsted LinkedIn

You can also visit your company’s website for more information: DoYouNeedCustomers.com 

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