Why Your Brand Story Matters


I’ve always been a lover of stories.  I was the kid in your first-grade class that had to be reminded to leave the story rug because story time was over.  I was the girl in middle school who got overly excited about having a locker located close to the library.  And, during college, I was the party guest who always had a story to share–and was always eager to hear stories from others.

11150523_10152868777316156_6288803728230263057_nStorytelling is a beautiful little thread that seems to have been woven throughout my entire life and it probably isn’t a big surprise to anyone that I continue to be a creator and teller of stories even as an adult. Here I am actually on the stage of the Athenaeum Theatre in Chicago telling my very own story as part of the cast of Listen To Your Mother Chicago 2015 (if you’re interested, you can actually click here to listen to the story).


Storytelling isn’t just about entertaining others or relaying personal information–storytelling is a powerful tool that can help your business drive innovation and growth.

Yes, drive innovation and growth.

Just look at the most popular social media tools businesses are using today: Instagram and Snapchat.  Both of these platforms have “story” features and while brand leaders are spending a lot of time deciding whether they should be using the tools, I would argue they should really spend more time figuring out what they’re going to say.  What is your brand story?  Without the actual story, the tools you use to distribute your content–whether through social media, your website or even sales and marketing materials–are pretty much meaningless.

The brand story has become a vital part of the business strategy and is why we spend so much time with our clients helping them discover their story even before we begin work on how to articulate that story to others.  I loved this quote from a recent blog I was reading: “In the endless sea of messages we see in front of us on a daily basis, it pays to focus on getting your company’s story right so people actually sit up and take notice.”

So, what’s your story?  We have a new FREE email series starting next week that can help you create your own “badass brand story.” In just 5 days, on your own time (we estimate it will take you 15-minutes or less to complete each day’s task), you can begin to put together the story of your brand–the WHY behind your WHAT.  And, at the end of your 5 days, you will have a story to tell…a badass story to tell!

Can’t wait until next week?  As a reader of our blog, you can click here and get started right away.  You can also follow the #BadassBrandStory hashtag to connect with others who are using their stories to build their brands.


Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash




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We’re Hiring!


Our favorite time of the year is fast approaching–SUMMER!  While everyone loves summer for its warm temps and relaxing days, there is one other big reason why we love this season:  Interns!

Once again, the Go Girl team is looking for a Marketing Intern to join us this summer. This is a great opportunity for a college student to work in a startup environment offering numerous hands-on experiences that will help you utilize your creativity, develop new business skills, and establish new contacts. This is a flexible, part-time paid position that will begin in May 2017 to August 2017 (actual dates are flexible due to school calendars).

The official job description is below.  If you are interested, please send your resume to careers@gogirlcommunications.com.


Go Girl Communications–Summer Intern 2017

Go Girl Communications, a content marketing company that specializes in helping change-making brands become thought leaders in their space, is looking for a Marketing Intern to join their team this summer. This position will assist in developing and implementing marketing strategies for Go Girl Communications. Responsibilities include managing our social media channels and e-mail campaigns, creating compelling content to be shared by our influencers, generating sales and marketing materials, preparing and possibly presenting presentations, tracking social media analytics, and managing our client database.

The ideal candidate will have excellent verbal and written communication skills, knowledge of MS Office, a passion for marketing and social media, and a strong desire to learn. This is a part-time paid position.


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Who Do Women Trust?

Some great insight (& infographic!) from our friends at Womenkind on how women are beginning to lose trust not only in the media but in brands. Looks like we all need to work a bit harder to maintain the trust of female consumers.


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Why We’re Ready to Embrace Ambition

02TORY4-master768Next Wednesday, fashion icon Tory Burch will be launching a new campaign called “Embrace Ambition.” According to the New York Times, the campaign will feature famous people (both male and female) “reclaiming a word that has often been used to vilify women.”

In short, we love this campaign. And, by the way, we haven’t even seen it rolled out yet.

This is the perfect example of what we talk about every single day at Go Girl Communications.  When you are leading a brand to impact change in the world, you need to do more than just sell products and services, you need to start a movement.  This particular campaign not only inspires women (and men!) to make a difference, but it also gives them an opportunity to directly support a cause they can get behind: The Tory Burch Foundation.

It is well-known that Tory Burch started her fashion brand as a way to be able to fund a foundation that empowers women entrepreneurs.  All the proceeds from the sale of accompanying bracelets and T-shirts of the Embrace Ambition campaign will go toward the foundation.

Today, think about the movement you want to create with your next campaign.  Stuck? Give us a call and see what we can create together!




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The Jewelry Industry to Women: Welcome Back

It seems odd that a category such as jewelry is not really in the marketing to women business.  Of course they market to women, but until recently, women were not the primary target.

“During the ‘60s and ‘70s, the incidence of female self-purchase was small,” says Hedda Schupak, in an interview with Racked. “For one thing, there were relatively few women in the workforce, so there wasn’t a lot of female spending power for costly items. But also at that time, both men and women typically considered jewelry to be something a woman received as a gift. If there was female purchasing at the time, it was more likely to be female-to-female occasion gifting, like mother/daughter, or grandmother/granddaughter.”

But, according to a recent survey from De Beers–who is known for creating the “A Diamond is Forever” tagline–female self-purchasing is on the rise, especially among those 25-39. Millennials spent $26 billion on diamond jewelry in 2015–and 31 percent of those purchases were from women buying for themselves. This makes sense considering that there are more women working than ever before and although we are still feeling the sting of a gender wage gap, women tend to have more discretionary income to spend.

The industry has taken notice of the numbers and in an effort to reverse staggering sales, many brands are now moving women away from being considered “secondary influencers” and are now targeting them as their primary customers.  “Today the industry’s buzziest terms are “self-purchasing woman” (a woman who buys jewelry for herself) and “just-because purchase” (a causal buy in which the jewelry doesn’t mark a special occasion),” states the Racked article.

One such brand is the iconic Tiffany. They are in the midst of a total brand refresh and connecting with millennial women is part of the focus.  Their most recent effort was shown during the Super Bowl.  Before Lady Gaga slayed us with her mic-dropping halftime performance, she inspired us with this spot for Tiffany:


So, is this a fix?  One great spot does not a brand make..nor make a brand transform.

According to the Racked article, Tiffany is doing more than partnering with Lady Gaga for a commercial–they are changing the interior of their stores, creating more social media moments for their consumers, and working to create a unified brand voice that speaks to its history while also giving light to its present.

We’re watching you, Tiffany.

Click here to read the entire article from Racked.




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Best of the Bowl 2017

It’s a tough job, but we’re happy to sacrifice our time watching The Super Bowl (and stuffing our faces w/food) in order to bring you the commercials we thought won with women.  Here’s our list of the Best of the Bowl 2017:


Audi #DriveProgress Big Game Commercial – “Daughter”

Gender equality told beautifully through the eyes of a father leaving us all thinking: What do we tell our daughters?


84 Lumber Super Bowl Commercial – The Journey Begins

There was some controversy regarding this ad with the full version being viewed on the 84 Lumber website (which was overloaded with users).  But, what we love is that this is a story about a mother and daughter–letting us see a different face in regards to immigration.


Inside These Lines

Okay, we really would have liked to see more women represented in this piece. But, we give props for including NFL line judge Sarah Thomas and the message of inclusion.


Coca-Cola | It’s Beautiful

It’s beautiful.  Seriously, a simply beautiful ad about the beauty of diversity.


Airbnb Super Bowl Commercial 2017 (We Accept)

Another ad themed with diversity and inclusion (seeing a trend?). A very balanced representation of gender, race and culture.


2017 Ford Go Further | Ford

First of all, we love the idea that nobody likes to be “stuck” and this ad also does a great job of building a story behind the brand’s tagline: Going Further.  However, our favorite moment is in the middle, when the child who is stuck in the Big Wheel simply yells “Mom”.  After all, who is the one who helps us get “unstuck”?


What were your favorite Super Bowl 2017 commercials?

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A Kinder, Less Sexist GoDaddy?

Total disclosure: We are customers of GoDaddy.

So no one is more happy than us to not see a bikini-clad girl in their latest Super Bowl spot.  Matter of fact, we are giving them props for a “don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it” shout out to Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC), the world’s largest gathering of female technologists–it comes in the form of a #GHC17 button pinned to the backpack of the spot’s main character “The Internet.”

Do not read anything into the fact that the #GHC17 moment is quick–the whole spot moves fast, just like the real internet. According to a recent Fortune article, the “button and other internet culture shoutouts are intended to zoom by” and are designed to be semi-hidden references that will encourage viewers to watch the spot again.

Actually, GoDaddy is a big fan of GHC–online and offline: they sponsor students to attend GHC and have recruited and hired a number of conference attendees.  “We’ve been partnering with them to have this public conversation about how important women in technology is to us,” says GoDaddy CMO Barb Rechterman.

Here’s a sneak peek of the spot:

Click here to read the entire article. 

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Bank Marketing? Time to Get Personal with Moms & Millennials

mom-moneyOne in two Americans who have a bank are open to receiving marketing communications and personalized advertising from their financial institutions, and that proportion increases among millennials and parents, according to newly released survey results from Segmint.

The survey found that Millennials are willing to see ads about financial products that will help them reach life milestones. According to the results, 67 percent of Millennials (ages 18 – 34) who have a bank would be willing to see a personalized ad from their bank to help them reach their personal finance goals for life events (e.g., paying for college, buying an engagement ring, saving for a down payment on a new home). This is compared to only 42 percent of those aged 45 and older. Similarly, parents of children under 18 are significantly more likely than those without children to be willing to see a personalized ads from their bank to help reach financial goals: 67 percent vs. 46 percent respectively.

“Now more than ever, savvy banks have an enormous opportunity to forge stronger relationships with current customers and attract new ones through a broad mix of hyper-targeted online marketing campaigns,” said Rob Heiser, CEO of Segmint. “Millennials in particular are in a stage of financial growth and planning, so they are more receptive to receiving guidance.”

The new report suggests that financial customers are open to ads that reach them in new and different places. In fact, more than half of bank users in the U.S. (57 percent) report that they never see online advertisements from their bank outside of the company website and mobile app. Furthermore, just under half of bank users (49 percent) wouldn’t mind seeing online advertisements from their bank on webpages outside of their bank’s website and mobile app, if those offers were relevant to their financial goals.

“Personalization can take many forms but digital personalization is where most investment is taking place today,” according to a recent report by Mick MacComascaigh, analyst at Gartner. “Master data management — particularly when coupled with a digital personalization engine — can lead to a better online customer experience by indicating an understanding of the customer and the context of the interaction, typically leading to more online sales, whereas better knowledge management can increase the number of first-call resolutions. Customer loyalty, brand recognition and profit can all be increased.”


To explore additional results from the Segmint Consumer Bank Marketing Report: Part I, including an infographic and breakdowns by gender and financial institution type, visit https://segmint.com/Media-Resources/Consumer-Report-2016.

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Second Biggest Retail Holiday? Back-to-School

I love this inforgraphic from The Shelf.  Yes, it’s long (seriously, you will scroll down for quite awhile), but it is packed with great information–including when the “first day of school” is for each region of the country.  Timing is everything, people.



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Get Ready for National Family Meals Month

GGC_FamilyDinnerThe Food Marketing Institute (FMI) Foundation is sharing tips for retailers and suppliers on how they can celebrate National Family Meals Month (NFMM) this September. NFMM is an industry-wide movement that raises awareness of the benefits of frequent family meals and supports families to share one more meal at home each week. Over 60 retailers and 30 suppliers participated last year.

To help you prepare for this September, the FMI Foundation has created new National Family Meals Month toolkits for both retailers and suppliers. These kits are filled with resources to help you jumpstart your family meals programs. Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Like Vegetables, Weave in Family Meals Month – The same way moms sneak vegetables onto kid’s plates, NFMM can be woven into your existing September plans. Be creative and incorporate NFMM into your current communications and marketing programs by utilizing FMI Foundation resources or taking a new spin on an old program. Think about how you can help customers celebrate coming to the table as a family during September.
  •  Set the Table – Get tools and tips to make your NFMM celebration a success. With customizable logos, images, social media posts, messaging and more, FMI Foundation turnkey toolkits can help you prepared for September. Toolkits are available at www.fmi.org/toolkit.
  • Pass the Dinner Rolls – Share your plans to participate! Use the hashtag #FamilyMealsMonth to share images of your employees and customers celebrating NFMM. A common photo of this movement is raising your oven mitt to commit to one more family meal per week. Everyone’s interpretation of the family is slightly different, so it is exciting to see what ideas come forward.

The FMI Foundation will once again be collecting stories of what retailers and suppliers are doing for National Family Meals Month this September. E-mail them familymealsmonth@fmi.org with your plans for in-store and online promotion of family meals during September.



image courtesy of flickr CC/More Good Foundation
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