Measuring Your Content Marketing Efforts

As a content marketing agency, we get this question a lot: how do I know if my content is working?  We found this great infographic that shows exactly how to measure your success.  Is your content doing what you need it to do?  If not, give us a call.



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How to Spring Clean Your Content (Video)

Tuesday Tips are back, but only once a month (we do have some other fun things happening too!).  This month, we are talking spring cleaning–specifically, spring cleaning your content. We are sharing 6 tips for how to spring clean your content and get ready for Q2.  Some of the links we share:

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And, if you want us to do your spring cleaning for you, shoot us an email and we’ll get you on the schedule:


Be sure to join us for our next FB Live on April 10th at 9 AM CST!

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Good Luck Email Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

We’re feeling pretty lucky that we ran across this great infographic from Marketing Profs.  “What’s the connection between St. Patrick’s Day and your email program? For one, your email recipients are like leprechauns, the infographic points out playfully: You never see them unless they initiate direct engagement, and marketers must “catch” them at the right time to spark engagement.”


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Women and Movies: What They Like and Don’t Like about Cinema

krists-luhaers-543526-unsplashTo celebrate International Women’s Day and the start of the SXSW Film Festival, Fandango surveyed more than 3,000 female moviegoers, ages 18-54, to find out what women like to watch at the cinema, their moviegoing and purchasing habits, and their views on women’s representation in modern-day films.

“It’s clear from our survey that women want more female-driven stories told by female writers and directors on the big screen,” says Malone, author of the new book, Backwards & In Heels: The Past, Present and Future of Women Working in Film. “Contrary to the age-old Hollywood belief, women are not just looking for romance at the cinema. In fact, our survey shows that female moviegoers prefer action movies to romantic comedies as their genre of choice.”

What Women Like to Watch:
The majority of women surveyed chose action movies (with 22% of the vote) as their favorite movie genre, while only 9% chose romance or romantic comedy as their favorite genre.
82% are more inclined to see a movie with dynamic female characters.
75% prefer to watch movies with diverse casts.
57% prefer female-driven stories to be told by female filmmakers/writers.

Moviegoing Habits:
85% are the decision-makers when picking movies for friends and family.
73% prefer to watch movies on the big screen.
68% prefer to buy their movie tickets in advance.
64% choose to go to the movies for their girls’ nights out.
62% look for reserved seating when buying tickets.
60% get their movie information from social media.
57% purchase the tickets for their movie dates.

Views on Women in Film:
79% believe the “Time’s Up” movement will have a tangible impact on women working in Hollywood.
77% contend that female characters are often stereotyped in blockbusters.
75% would like to see more female ensembles in the movies.
62% feel that women are not equally represented in big screen roles.

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5 Girl Power Campaigns We Love

March is Women’s History Month and if you’re looking to celebrate, we hope you will create a campaign or promotion that not only fits with the story of your brand but also embraces the power of women and girls. Find some inspiration from these campaigns:





Real Beauty Productions–Dove


I Will What I Want–Under Armour

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Show Your Email Audience Some Love with These Tips

Hearts in BucketDuring this month of love, we fell in love with this infographic about how you can steal your subscribers’ hearts with these quick and easy email marketing tips.

And, because we love OUR audience, we are offering a free one-on-one planning session to the first 2 people who send us an email with this subject line: Show me the Love, Go Girl! Our one-on-one (virtual!) sessions are the perfect way to figure out how to effectively use the content you already have as well as discover what content you may want to consider creating. Send us an email and grab your free session now!



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Storytelling Tip: Be Authentic

I really loved reading this story about Chicago musician Josie Dunne.  At only 21 years of age, her experience and talent rival artists who have been in the business for decades.  As always, I was drawn to Josie’s story–the WHY behind what she does–and I was particularly caught by this quote: “I like to tell a story. That’s just natural in me. But I always want to tell a story and be true to my experiences and be as authentic as I can in my lyrics.”

Authenticity.  It’s at the core of storytelling–whether that story is being told in a song, a book, or just your company’s website.  Here are 3 tips for being authentic with your story:


Believe in Yourself
Seems easy enough, right?  Not only do you need to believe what you are doing is true, but you need to be prepared to stand in that truth. This actually might be a little uncomfortable–not because you are a liar, but because we are so programmed–especially in the world of sales and marketing–to want people to agree with us, to somehow affirm that we are indeed worthy of standing in front of them representing this particular industry, product or idea. Push past this discomfort and trust yourself.

Know Your Motivation
Yes, we all want to grow our businesses and increase our revenues, but those goals are not the true WHY of what gets us out of bed in the morning.  When we take the time to exam the WHY behind the WHAT we have a better understanding of what drives us which in turn helps us make better personal and professional decisions.

Use the Right Channels
If I had a nickel for every single time a client said “I hate Twitter, but I’m using it anyway” I would have enough to pay for the rest of my children’s college (and there’s 3 of them, mind you).  Being authentic goes beyond messaging and includes the channels we use to communicate with our core audience. If you don’t like Twitter, stop using it–you are not being authentic to yourself or your brand.  If you feel the Twitterverse is where your core audience lives and is where they go for the information you have to share, hire someone else to do your Twitter for you. Seriously, hire someone.
How do you make sure your story is authentic?




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February and March Planning Session Dates Now Available

GoGirlButtonThe power of stories is alive and well and Go Girl continues our mission of creating a world of storytellers–including YOU.

Every month our CEO Patti Minglin carves out time on her calendar to schedule one-on-one meetings with businesses of all shapes and sizes, helping them discover their brand story and create a plan for how they can use that story to drive innovation and growth for their company.

We have just opened up the calendar for February and March.  And, in honor of our sponsorship of this month’s Naperville Moms Networking Luncheon, we are offering our planning sessions at a discounted rate of just $100.  Click here for details and grab your time slot now.


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Go Girl CEO on Local Mom-Focused Talk Show

We can barely contain our excitement!  The wonderful folks of NCTV17 in Naperville, IL, have joined forces with the Naperville Moms Network to launch a mom-focused talk show! The first episode will air Thursday, February 1st at 9 PM on Channel 17 or

We will be watching for so many reasons—including seeing our CEO as one of the co-hosts! Check out a preview here:

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Tuesday Tip: 4 Goals for 2018

Taking a page from the “gift rule” that parents often use during the holiday season, we are narrowing down our 2018 business goals to just 4 things:
1. Something you want
2. Something you need
3. Something to wear
4. Something to read

See how these questions will help you have a successful 2018. And, don’t forget, sign up now for one of our 2018 marketing planning sessions for just $99. We only have a couple of spots open for Thursday, December 28th. Sign up here.

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