Inspired by a Hashtag

When we say the word hashtag, do you immediately think of this video?

We can all agree that hashtags can go from creative and useful to #TooMuchIsAGoodThing in #ZerotoSixtySeconds.

We have watched brands use daily tags such as #MotivationMonday or #ThrowbackThursday with great ease, but the brands that really impress us are those who create a campaign and claim a hashtag of their very own. We’re talking to you #AlwaysCocaColaExpedia. Here are 3 hashtag campaigns we love and what your brand can learn from their success:


Always: #LikeAGirl

This brand changed the definition of the phrase “like a girl” and created a hashtag that became synonymous with strength and perseverance.

Why it worked: The brand built a hashtag around beliefs they shared with their customers, creating a message that not only resonated with women but prompted them to want to support it. What shared beliefs do you have with your customers?

#IdeaThatMightWork: #TrophyWife to promote women who are accomplishing great things in business, sports, politics, etc. or #InvestinHer could be used by a financial company looking to market to female entrepreneurs.


Coca-Cola: #ShareACoke


When Coca-Cola introduced bottles with names and titles on them (come on, admit it, you’ve looked for your name once or twice), they also launched a user-generated content campaign via social media that is probably one of the best case studies of hashtag success.

Why it worked: Two things: it was personal and it had a community feel.  That’s not easy to do when you are a big brand like Coca-Cola, but it’s easier to do when you are a smaller brand on Main Street USA.  How can you encourage people to connect via your brand?

#IdeaThatMightWork: #FromOurFrontWindow would be a fun hashtag for local brick & mortar–share pics from the front window of your store and encourage others to share pictures from their own front windows.


Expedia: #ThrowMeBack


Piggybacking off the success of #TBT, Expedia tweaked it a bit to get people to share things that were relevant to their brand (traveling) for a chance to win a vacation.

Why it worked: They took advantage of an already popular hashtag theme and just tweaked it for their brand–great way to tap into a social audience that is already engaged. Can you do the same for #MotivationMonday, #WomanCrushWednesday, #FridayFlashback, etc.?

#IdeaThatMightWork: #WomenatWork (piggyback off #WomanCrushWednesday) showcases women at work.  The perfect hashtag for office supply companies, coworking spaces, networking groups, etc.  Or, if you’re feeling a bit cynical, do #UnMotivatedMonday and see what pearls of wisdom people share (one of our favorites: “I can but I won’t”).


Let’s see what inspiration hits you! Share with us in the comments or, better yet, try it out via social media using our hashtag #InspiredByTheHashtag

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