Fitbit is Ramping up Content Marketing–and Your Brand Should Be Too!


According to a recent article in Fast Company, Fitbit is ramping up its content marketing efforts. “The first phase was addressing the hardware side of the business, product development, product marketing and the last six months for me has been very much focused on how we can drive engagement once we bring people into the product,” said Fitbit’s VP of global marketing Tim Rosa in the article.

Smart move, Fitbit. Especially when it comes to engaging with their female customers.

Studies show that women not only want to get information about a brand, but they want to be educated on how it can best serve them in their day-to-day life.

Here’s how Fitbit is doing this and how your brand can do it too:


Be Relevant
Make sure the content you are creating is relevant and necessary—giving them a reason to visit your blog, open up your emails or follow you on social media. It’s getting to them “across multiple touch points and at the moments” they most want it, suggests Rosa. Think about how your customer is using your product and service right now—what information could you provide to them that would enhance the user experience?


Be Meaningful
To create meaningful content, you need to write about what you know—sharing your own experiences and knowledge in a way that showcases your brand as an expert in the field. If you are not an expert in a specific area that is meaningful to your customers, find someone who is. “We’ve built a network of ambassadors who are experts in their domain, from sleep to nutrition to fitness and yoga, so we’re tapping that network now to provide more meaningful content and that will manifest itself in a variety of ways,” says Rosa. Who can you partner with to provide more meaningful content to your customers?


Be Dynamic
Dynamic content is content that “adapts to the characteristics of the person consuming it with the goal of providing a more personalized experience for the customer” (via HubSpot Blog). This is a growing trend in content marketing with a 2013 study from Harris Interactive and Janrain finding that 74% of online consumers get frustrated with websites when content they see has nothing to do with their interests.

The more you find out about your customers the better able you will be to provide them with a personalized experience such as sending them e-mails with discounts for accessories that go with the jacket they just purchased or linking them to a page on your website that has information on product updates. “[Through data] we have an understanding of what your goals and interests are so we can provide you with the type of content that will be relevant and meaningful to you,” says Rosa. “If we know you have a certain product and we see your engagement has dropped off, there are certain things we can do to spark more engagement. I can’t say too much since we’re now a public company, but where we’re headed is very exciting.”  Get to know your customers and prospects–not only what they are buying from you, but what they need during each step of the buying (and post-buying) process.




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