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Tuesday Tip: Don’t Ditch Email

While it’s not necessarily the shiniest new tool in the marketing toolbox, email could be your most valuable.  This week’s Tuesday Tip tells you why you should make sure email is part of your 2018 plans (excuse the vertical view and less-than-perfect camera work near the end). t;

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Tuesday Tip: The 3 Things You Should Really Be Focused On This Holiday Season

Still working on your holiday content plans? This is the week to get it done so you can take full advantage of the holiday season that (at least in our eyes) begins on Thanksgiving Day.  Today’s Tuesday Tip gives you the three things you should really be focused on when it comes to planning your holiday […]

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Tuesday Tip: 3 Things to Consider as You Plan Holiday Content

Although I’m not one to put up a tree or string some lights before Thanksgiving, I do think early planning for holiday content is a must.  In today’s Tuesday Tip I share 3 things you should consider as you begin to prepare your holiday content.  What content are you planning?

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Tuesday Tip: Sales, You Should Do It (but first do this)

If you think knowing your story–and being able to tell it in a compelling way–has nothing to do with sales, think again.  This week’s Tuesday Tip gives you a great trick you can use during your next networking event.   *Thanks to Sarah Victory for this great idea.  Check out her site here.  

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Tuesday Tip: Yes, You Have Competition

Just because no one is doing exactly what you are doing or offering a product exactly like your product, you still have competition and today’s Tuesday Tip tells you why that’s a good thing.

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Tuesday Tip: 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

I am a big fan of repurposing your content.  As I mention in the video, every single time you create a piece of content you should be thinking of ways you can repurpose it.  This will save you time, help you expand your audience, and is good for your SEO.  So, today’s Facebook Live Tuesday Tip […]

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Tuesday Tip: 4 Things We Learn about Storytelling by Listening to Lyrics

In honor of the passing of Tom Petty (I’m a big Tom Petty fan), today’s Tuesday Tip is sharing 4 things we learn about storytelling just listening to our favorite song lyrics.  So, put your favorite song on replay and take a few notes: The Fast Company article I reference in the video can be found […]

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Tuesday Tip: Qs You Should Ask Before You Post (video)

Our latest Tuesday Tip is from a presentation I did last Thursday for the Naperville Moms Network (I highly recommend you check them out!). One of the best ways we can help control the narrative of our own story is to pay attention to what we post on our social media networks. Discover if you should […]

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Content Marketing vs. Influencer Marketing

Over the weekend I read this great article in Forbes about why content is still king when it comes to influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is all the rage and I agree it works well with many campaigns and strategies; however, it is no replacement for content marketing. In fact, if your messaging is strong, your […]

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5 Myths about Millennials and Direct Mail (infographic)

We’ll admit that we’ve seen a decline in direct mail as a communication channel; however, with digital channels on the increase, direct mail–and other print marketing–may be on the upswing–especially with millennials.  Yes, millennials.  Before you ditch all of our print marketing options, check out this infographic from US Presort.    

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