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Fitbit is Ramping up Content Marketing–and Your Brand Should Be Too!

According to a recent article in Fast Company, Fitbit is ramping up its content marketing efforts. “The first phase was addressing the hardware side of the business, product development, product marketing and the last six months for me has been very much focused on how we can drive engagement once we bring people into the […]

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A Humorous Look at Differences between Men and Women

A little #throwbackthursday video showing exactly why women and men see the world differently–proving once again that gender differences really do affect content messaging.  

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Traveling Moms

When the summer months roll around, families are busy taking trips and vacations during their time off. It should come as no surprise that moms are planning most of those family vacations and that certain things are going to really speak to them when it comes to making those decisions.   First and foremost, moms […]

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Buffer vs. Hootsuite

We have gotten lots of questions lately about how to best manage your social media networks and while there are numerous tools available, two keep popping up from our clients and partners:  Buffer and Hootsuite. So, which is best for you and your business?  We asked our friend and overall social media guru Ginny Kronsted, Owner/Engagement Marketing […]

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3 Reasons Why Mom May Not Connect With You

It is often frustrating to find yourself stuck in the middle of a marketing strategy you are certain should be working.  You look over your marketing messages, your images, your website…what’s wrong?  While we can’t diagnose the specific issue your brand may be facing, we can give you the 3 top barriers for why moms may […]

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New Study: 72 Percent of Girls Feel Held Back by Society

“Girls can’t be brave” and “girls aren’t strong” are limiting phrases seemingly from a bygone era, but a new Always social experiment reveals that many girls today feel limited by society’s expectations about women. In fact, data from the most recent Always Confidence & Puberty Survey*, shows that 72 percent of girls feel held back by […]

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