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Friday Inspiration: Do Something

Do Something Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For

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Food Marketers: Women Read Food Labels More Than Men

Women check and use food label components more often and thoroughly than men, according to a recent study from the University of Alabama and published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and featured in the May issue of Food Nutrition & Science.  The study, which looked at a sample of 573 males and 809 females aged […]

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He Said What?

Here’s a little gem for a Wednesday morning… Hedge fund billionaire Paul Tudor Jones was recently part of a symposium at the University of Virginia where he told students and alumni that “it is difficult for mothers to be successful traders because connecting with a child is a focus ‘killer’” (quote from an article in […]

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“What Women Want” Survey Gives Insight Into Best Way To Reach Women

According to a survey released today by Ginger Consulting, American women are striving to have it all, and they’re turning to flexible workplaces, personal connections, technology-free zones, discounts and coupons to help them find much sought-after balance in family, finances and career.   Ginger’s fifth annual “What Women Want” survey gathered insights from a nationally representative […]

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Investment in Women is the Key to Global Food Security

Go Girl Communications is dedicated to supporting and empowering women throughout the world.  Toward that goal, we will be dedicating a portion of our weekly blog space to those stories that address the challenges facing women across the world and highlight those individuals, businesses and organizations who are providing solutions. Five Recommendations from Food Tank: The […]

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What It Takes To Be Outstanding…

Happy Friday..  

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On Course with Women: How The PGA is Stepping Up Its Marketing to Women Game

I love nothing more than to spend a day surrounded by smart, successful women and apparently that is exactly what The PGA of America and KitchenAid like to do as well.  As part of the 74th Annual Senior PGA Championship at Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, MO, the two brands partnered together to give […]

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Is This Vintage Ad Sexist?

A debate on whether or not the vintage ad below is sexist appears in a recent post from HuffPost Women.  Your thoughts?      

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Q&A: Why Is My Brand Having Such A Hard Time Connecting With Moms?

Q:  Moms are major part of our company’s overall plan for growth.  However, we just can’t seem to effectively engage Mom with our brand.  What are we doing wrong? A:  It is often frustrating to find yourself stuck in the middle of a marketing strategy you are certain should be working.  You look over your marketing […]

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5 Tips for Marketing to Women Success

As we near the end of Q2, many brands are spending time with their overall sales and marketing strategies.  How are things working for you?  As you evaluate your current efforts and plan for ever-important Q3 & Q4 goals, here are 5 tips that will help you find success when building relationships with your female […]

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