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Tips for Hosting a Mom-Focused Blogger Event

Hosting a blogger event is one of the best ways to get bloggers to really experience everything your brand has to offer.  But, picking a date and sending out invites is just the first part of the blog event process.  Here are some tips from a blogger event we recently hosted with one of our […]

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Mom’s Post-Election Mood

Phew…aren’t you glad the election season has finally come to an end?  In the aftermath of all the excitement, the Zeno Group reached out to the Real Moms of Zeno, 194 women on the front lines of everyday life, to take the “Mood of Moms Post-Election 2012″ survey.  Here’s a snapshot of their findings: o […]

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What Are Some of Your Favorite Holiday Commercials?

Q: “I know it’s early in the season, but what are some of your favorite holiday commercials?” A: Maybe it’s because we have our eyes firmly planted on next week’s long Thanksgiving holiday break, but we couldn’t resist answering this fun question from one of our readers.  While there are many to choose from, our […]

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Women Take The Lead Behind The Wheel

It’s official:  More women have driver’s licenses than men.  While we have always known the influence women have when it comes to purchasing new and used cars (not to mention aftermarket sales), this new statistic should certainly capture the attention of automakers everywhere.  Does this surprise you?

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Crowd-Funding Opportunity:

We are big fans of risk takers and innovators.  We believe some of the greatest brands we know were started by those not afraid to step outside of the box and change the landscape of an industry or a community. That is why we wanted to share this new initiative with you. A few months […]

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What’s Wrong with “For Her” Products?

We wanted to share a post we enjoyed reading from (which includes insight from marketing to women guru–and our good friend-Marti Barletta).  Here’s a little blurb: “They want all the same things (as) men, and then some. They want more,” said Marti Barletta, a consultant and author of “Marketing to Women.” But that doesn’t […]

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4 Words That Describe Your Brand

Quick, what are the 4 words you would use to describe your brand?  Yes, you have practiced your elevator speech to perfection–waiting for those perfect moments when you can rattle off the :30 second monologue that is certain to impress any person you meet at a conference, a networking dinner, the hallway of your new […]

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How Can My Brand Work With Bloggers?

Q:  “We are a medium-sized brand looking to launch an effective blogger campaign.  How can we make sure our blog partnerships will be successful?” A:  We get this question a lot.  Although bloggers have become part of many an overall marketing strategy, partnering with bloggers is still a mystery to brands large and small. In […]

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