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American Girl

We don’t know about you, but we are ready for a long holiday weekend! Before you jump in the pool, throw some burgers on the grill or prepare to lounge in your own backyard, here is one of our favorite tunes…circa 1979 (wow, that really shows our age) to get you in the July 4th […]

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The Sweet Spot: When Your Message Connects with Women, Moms & Girls

We always watch with marketing wonder and amazement the Girl Scouts of the USA.  Yes, they are a sweet group of girls doing good, but they are also a group of savvy marketers (seriously, have you ever been able to say ‘no’ to a Girl Scout Cookie?) who have taken their organization to new levels. […]

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Summer Reading–What’s on your List?

It is finally feeling a bit like summer here in Chicago and we are looking forward to spending a few of these long, sunny days immersed in a good book or two.  We have compiled a list of some our “must reads” this summer: Here, Home, Hope—Kaira Rouda The author’s name might sound a bit […]

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Are Women “Recalibrating” the American Dream?

A new study from WomanWise shows that women’s perspectives about what’s important in life have changed across all age groups.  “Women are recalibrating the American Dream-back to what it meant at is origins,” said Dori Molitor, CEO of WomanWise.  “Over the years as a nation, we got sidetracked by a sense of entitlement.  In this […]

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When Does the True “Back to School” Shopping Season Begin?

We are working on a story for the July issue of our e-newsletter regarding back-to-school shopping.  It appears the official BTS shopping season begins a little earlier each year…with some brands launching major campaigns the first of July.  In addition, school calendars have changed, with some schools beginning much earlier than others and some participating […]

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A Mini Van Marketed to Dads Wins with Moms Too

As we celebrate Dad this weekend, we thought it would be the perfect time to share the latest Chrysler Town & Country commercial.  A mini van marketed to Dad?  Awesome.

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P&G Does It Again–Great Marketing to Mom Moments in Latest Campaign

Our latest post for Media Post’s Engage: Moms blog: Creating an Authentic Environment

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“Got Milk?” Turns to Peer-to-Peer Influence for Reaching Teen Girls

Thinking of using a celebrity for your next marketing to girls campaign?  You might want to think again.  Although Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez are popular, it’s peer-to-peer influence that may be the key to connecting your message with teen girls.  “We know teenage girls listen to each other and our goal is to leverage […]

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Lessons Learned from the “Biggest Baby Shower”

Big City Moms and are gearing up to host the 9th annual Biggest Baby Shower on Monday, June 6th.  Known as the “It” party for expectant moms in NYC, the event will play host to more than 500 moms-to-be, inviting all to browse and shop the latest essentials for their parenting lifestyle as well […]

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Is Skechers in Need of a Marketing to Girls ‘Shape Up’?

There is growing debate over the latest Skechers’ campaign targeting young girls.  The animated spot features young girls as pop stars, who are followed by three boys dressed in costumes as ice cream, a hot dog and a cupcake. A girl wearing Shape-ups confidently strides away from the boys/food.  Skechers President Leonard Armato compared the […]

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